Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Out and About 14/6/11

Cabbage Moth (front view!)

Cabbage Moth

Common Crane (record shot)


Little Ringed Plover
Well its been a long time coming but today Summer arrived in North Lincs! Blue skies, sunshine and that awful wind had died down considerably. After Richard emptied the moth trap from the previous night, (I took a couple of pictures of one of the moths -  as seen above)
we packed up the camera gear and firstly headed off to check on our local Little Ringed Plover family. They all seemed ok, it is good that the site they have chosen is protected by an impenetrable metal fence so little chance of disturbance by people. However whilst we were there, 2 beautiful foxes were observed, quite bold too, they seemed to be enjoying the sunshine as much as we were! Lets just hope they don't end up predating our LRPs!
Next we headed off to Saxby to see the Common Crane and managed good views but only got poor record shots due to the distance and heat haze. We noted a good number of fish in the River Ancholme, including Pike and also some nice Damselflies. The heat was very intense as we ate our picnic lunch on Saxby Bridge. We then walked the long walk to Bonby village, stopping half way for a ten minute rest whilst admiring a vast area of beautiful Ox Eye Daisies ( a favourite wild flower of mine) On arriving at Bonby Post Office we enjoyed an ice cream and watched the large groups of screaming Swifts - always a delight!
Tired and hot - but happy with the wonderful wildlife we encountered today- we headed back home

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