Saturday, 11 June 2011

Far Ings NNR 11/6/11

A few hours there today - very strange weather (again!), one minute the sun was out, the next blowing a gale, heavy downpours, thunder and lightening.
I did a few hours Bittern watching whilst Rich did our weekly breeding bird survey.
We had two views of a male Bittern in flight and also were treated to the local male Marsh Harriers company, he landed in the long grass on Ness Lake causeway then flew right in front of the hide. He came so close at  one point that I could just fit him in the frame of my camera, pity that those shots were brilliant apart from you couldnt see his head at all - damn!!
Rich located two families of Willow Tit which is encouraging as this species is in decline so nice to know they have bred on the reserve. A Wren and a Reed Warbler were noted each with 3 fledglings.

Marsh Harrier

Reed Warbler

Sedge Warbler

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