Friday, 10 June 2011

New Life in the Dales

There were lots of fledged juveniles noted on our visit, Redstarts, Nuthatches, Robins, Woodpeckers etc.
We were delighted to watch a Great Spotted Woodpecker take its first shaky steps out of its hole (shown here) onto the trunk of the tree and then its first flight, after listening to its loud calls from within its nursery :) We also watched the parents bringing it food high in the treetops. Just wonderful to watch quietly from a distance and witness the new beginning for this youngster. Apparently its 2/3 siblings had left a few days earlier, this one obviously was very reluctant to leave the safety and comfort of its nest :)

Mallard juv

Robin juv
I also watched, on a small lake, a family of Coots on the nest and was there when the babies took their first plunge into the water. They proudly paddled about before coming really close to where I was . I laid on the bank to photograph them at their level :) Such ugly little creatures, but endearing all the same!

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