Sunday, 12 June 2011

Birding in the Rain 12/6/11

With the sun trying its hardest to shine, I decided on a jolly up to Far Ings, leaving Rich behind as he had some jobs to get on with.
The weather turned awful, rain, windy and cold and totally different (again!) to the forecast.
I watched the patch male Marsh Harrier being seen off by the Avocets (the pic below is only a record shot, it was raining and very cloudy at the time) It was also nice to see the Bee Orchids out, just love these :)
I did manage to find a family of adorable Whitethroats and spent a bit of time watching the busy parents feed their three babies :)
As the rain got heavier, I made for one of the hides to shelter from it. To my dismay my specs went kaput and I hadnt brought my contact lenses with me so I was blind as a bat as well as wet cold and miserable!
I spoke to Rich briefly via my mobile and then made my way back to the visitor centre to grab a coffee. After a few mins Rich arrived with my contact lenses, I had no idea he would come, especially having to walk over a mile in the rain to bring them for me - what a sweetheart :)
Whilst we dried off and had a coffee we watched a male Great Spotted Woodpecker on the feeders - he was then joined by a juvenile - nice to see they have bred :)
The inclement weather showed no sign of wavering so we braved the walk back home, a little less wet as Shutty from Far Ings kindly lent me a brolly! On the way back we watched a Little Ringed Plover that Rich had spotted on his way up there, and we were thrilled to see it had 3 healthy little chicks :)
Bee Orchid

Avocet v Marsh Harrier

Common Whitethroat

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