Friday, 3 February 2012

First Days in Nepal

Well Im safely here, the journey was fine until I reached Indira Ghandi airport in Delhi then a nightmarish couple of hours ensued! I was sent from pillar to post, no one would help me and I breathlessly ran the length of the airport as my plane was waiting to depart!! Then they wouldnt let me on the plane because I didnt have luggage tags on my camera bag/flight bag :(  Oh dont you just love Indian red tape??? :).
I have never been so relieved when they finally gave me luggage tags after raking out my bags (bearing in mind I had already passed through security!!)
Coming into land at Kathmandu was great, weaving between the mountains, then had an hour to queue for a visa after disembarkation. Luckily I found my guide as I left the airport and we drove to my guest house in a suburb of Kathmandu.
I am here until the weekend, the room is basic and very cold but Im slowly getting used to it! This is a crazy place, but delightful all the same. Wish I could bottle the smells around here, spices, incense, food, just great! The streets are narrow and so full of shops and people, and most time has been spent avoiding being run over by cars, motorcycles and rickshaws! So much to take in, absorb and most of all enjoy!
My guide is with me mostly but have had to venture out alone on occasions, a challenge but I have coped!
Am so excited about next week, heading on a tourist bus 5 hours away to Chitwan NP, a place I just cant wait to experience :)
I also am at the moment writing an article which will be published, along with some photographs, by the magazine Himalayas Nepal ( website

I am also thinking ahead, I am most probably moving on to the awesome place that is Rathambhore NP after my month is finished here :) Lots of planning to do...............:)