Friday, 6 May 2011

Lesvos Bits and Bobs




Sombre Tit

Sombre Tit

Little Owl
A few shots of some of the birds we enjoyed :) I was lucky to have a Stonechat perch right in front of me, if I had been a couple of inches nearer it would have been too close to focus on with the 500mm lens! Whinchat were reasonably common in suitable habitat. We also were fortunate to find a pair of Sombre Tit (another lifer!) who were feeding young in the nest, enabling me to get these shots as they collected a variety of caterpillars and insects. Shame it was so cloudy that day, couldnt get them in good light but still nice to see!
On a visit to the salt pans at Kalloni I noted a ramshackle building and I thought "Definately a chance of Little Owl" and after a quick scan with the bins I picked up one. I carefully edged my way round the side of the building and he let me rattle off some shots, he didnt seem too bothered at all! Little Owls are one of my all time favourite birds so I was really chuffed :)

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