Friday, 6 May 2011

A Few Birds of Lesvos

Black Eared Wheatear

Collared Flycatcher (female)

Greater Flamingo


Olivaceous Warbler

Olivaceous Warbler

Peregrine Falcon

Spotted Flycatcher

Spotted Flycatcher
Here is a selection of the birds we noted. The Peregrine was over the Salt Pans. We had great views and photo opportunites with Flycatchers. Plenty of Spotted Flys and a few female Collared Flys. We did see a nice male Collared but he was off before any photos could be taken :(  Nightingales were very common too and all singing merrily wherever we went :) Greater Flamingos hang out on the saltpans, hundreds of them, and were a bit far away to get any decent shots. Olivaceous Warblers were by far the most common warbler species but we did have Subalpine, Sedge and Sardinian Warblers. Black Eared Wheatear were common but a very difficult bird to get sharp shots of.

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