Thursday, 14 April 2011

The "Ups" of the Trip

A great deal of "Ups" , Goa/India is such a wonderful place, I could quite happily up sticks and live there! It is so diverse and quirky and there is something every day to make you smile from ear to ear and each day is totally different, lots of surprises and you soon learn to expect the unexpected! Its never, ever boring or predictable - just how I like things to be!
The bus stop outside the local hospital

The people are warm and friendly (mostly) , the food divine, the birds and wildlife amazing and it just feels wonderful being there! Here are some sunsets taken from our balcony, a couple of photos of Rich and myself outside our hotel and also one of of the many many advertising posters that are dotted around , many of which made me grin quite a lot. I just love how they express themselves :)

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