Thursday, 14 April 2011

The "Downs" Of The Trip

Despite a fantastic trip theres always something that isnt so enjoyable but the "Ups" certainly came out on top!
I got covered in mosquito bites (as I always do) and my hair resembled that of Aunt Sallys and was so uncontrolable with the heat and moisture, even a bucketful of "Frizz-Eze" wouldnt have solved the problem!
The heat/humidity presented a few problems, it was baking hot (35 degrees plus) by 9am and was still around 27-30 degrees during the night, phew! Lots and lots of cold showers, swims and shady trees provided some relief. It was hard work carrying all the heavy camera gear around in that heat!
Rich with his pitcher of Kingfisher beer - but we did share it!!

Our refreshment for the evening
We enjoyed a night bazaar 10 days into the trip with a great atmostphere and ambience together with a great band for the musical entertainment, however I got so engrossed in dancing to both western and Hindi music (such great fun), I forgot that Im no longer a 20 year old and towards the end of a great evening I felt something go twang in my left calf muscle, ouch, I spent the rest of the trip like a cripple! Still it was a fab evening and cheap beer/food was enjoyed in the form of a clay ovenbaked Pizza and a huge pitcher of Kingfisher beer -which cost just 250 rupees, less than £4, what a bargain.
One other thing we had to watch for when out birding was where we were putting our feet as a lot of local people take no trouble in using the great outdoors to do their, ermmmm, business, especially in prime birding spots such as scrub/waste land. Mind you some folk have no shame whatsover and did it quite happily by the side of the road oblivious to passers-by :)

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