Thursday, 14 April 2011

Goa March/April 2011

We have just returned from a primarily birding/photography trip to wonderful Goa. We spent 2 weeks there and did most of our birding independently, we didnt use guides, preferring to wander at leisure and find our own birds. We did use the services, every other day or so, of a taxi driver, Agnello, who is great and has eyes like a hawk! We visited many areas both around our base at Dona Paula and further north and south during the trip.We clocked up a birdlist of about 130 species and in addition to the birds we had Spotted Deer (Chital), Sambhur Deer, Black Faced Langur Monkeys, Water Snakes, Tree Frogs,Palm Squirrels,Wild Boar and a Ruddy Mongoose. I hope you enjoy reading below about our trip and also enjoy seeing the photographs :)


  1. enjoyed the Goa section Mandy glad you both had a good time. Some good birds.