Sunday, 17 July 2011

"The Enchanted Wood" aka our base in Mull

What a delightful place!! It was so quiet that sometime you could hear a pin drop, thats if the Oystercatchers actually stopped calling, which wasnt very often!!
We had "Staffa Lodge", which in our opinion was the best of the three as we were at the end, next to the wood and so no one ever needs to walk past so much appreciated privacy was granted. The lodges are stylish and well equipped and the surroundings absolutely gorgeous. The website for Hideaway Lodges is
Sun Bathing Chaffinch

Fallow Deer (taken very early one morning in the rain!)

Fallow Deer

Staffa Lodge - our home for the week

Goosander (female)

Great Tit



Wood Mouse



The woods and garden area are so full of engaging and beautiful wildlife with the bonus of the River Ba running along the bottom and a great view over Loch Na Keal. The feeders by the lodge were well used by the local birdlife and also a haven for small mammals(Wood Mouse, Vole and Shrew) making the most of the discarded seed and nuts. Tawny Owls were heard regularly, a pair of Treecreeper were usually around, as well as Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Siskins and all the usual garden birds. The crystal clear River Ba has Kingfisher, Dipper and lots of big Sea Trout and the like. A lowland Mountain Hare hung around and wasnt it the slightest bit bothered by us getting close to it for photos and most mornings (sometimes at 3am!) I had wonderful encounters with Fallow Deer. We shall miss it all so much! Here are a few shots of the lodge, gardens, wood, river , views and the adorable, varied wildlife that graced us with their presence :)

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